Yes you can! The producers love seeing product examples no matter how big or small.

View the tips we’ve created here, and watching Shark Tank episodes will help!

Whatever makes sense to you. Just remember you are pitching for a chance to be on the show, so you need to leave a good impression.

After the casting call there’s a long process and several more rounds of interviews before you would end up on the show. We’ll be in touch following the casting call if you move onto the next round.

Only a couple minutes, just like on the show. The producers will have some time for questions too.

Unfortunately no, the Sharks only have time in their busy entrepreneurship schedules for the taping of the actual show in Los Angeles. But this is your chance to visit with and pitch to the producers who could help you get to the actual Sharks!

Wristbands will be handed out from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. and we want you to be there at that time to be ensured that you will have a chance to pitch. If you come after 11 a.m., there’s no guarantee that we’ll still have slots open.

Lots! Check out the other events happening as part of the Heartland Shark Tank event in the tabs above. We’ve got lots of value planned for you.